Kitchy Crouse

10. Why are you being paid so much?  


We work many hours that don’t make it onto the bill. From doing research and keeping up with new trends to updating social media, design library, going to workshops and training, generation business and writing publications, a lot goes into running an Interior Design business that can never be billed for. "Like most entrepreneurs, I typically work 60-plus hours a week on my business, but I may only be paid for 15-20 hours of that. Even though it seems like a designer makes a lot of money, if you compared it to a guaranteed 40-hour-per-week salary you might see things differently.”


the process

My passion for design keeps growing and to have the opportunity to work with my talented husband in creating a furniture line is a dream coming true. Between KC Interior Design and  Cardiff Cabinetry we have more then 20 years of experience in wood working. But more then experience we have a true passion for exquisite furniture design. 


With that being said, we are delighted to collide both worlds and create C&C Furniture.  

....COMING SOON.....

Here is a sample of the custom work that we created for some happy clients

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WHAT We have done